Honda reveals new interior design philosophy

- Previews new interior design philosophy for future production models

- Simplicity and 'something' concept serves as a guidepost

At the 2021 Auto Shanghai, Honda took the opportunity to reveal the new SUV E:Prototype which will be the next all-electric crossover after the e hatchback. We only got to see it in few images with no glimpse of the interior, until now. Honda has revealed a short video highlighting their new interior design philosophy which will feature in all future production models.

Claimed to be inspired by the human-centred designs of early Honda vehicles, the new cabin layout follows a ‘simplicity and ‘something’ philosophy’. It is minimalistic no doubt, eliminating complexity and making use of the advanced user aesthetics to its full benefit. This new design philosophy also follows the renewed focus on Honda’s ‘man maximum/machine minimum’ approach that aims to maximise cabin space while minimising space required for mechanical components. And it isn’t hard to agree when you look at it.

Inspiration from the old Hondas is claimed but not seen here, because the cabin looks thoroughly modern. The new steering wheel appears to be well-designed and thoughtful. And the centre console has a floating screen with nothing but three circular dials occupying the space in the middle. It’s a driver-focused cockpit, this one, with a centre console flowing towards one side with a stubby gearlever and few physical buttons all around. Honda says this interior design is about the people inside the vehicle, leading to interiors free of visual clutter with a focus on thin pillars, low cowl and a large greenhouse for visibility.

Surely, the production version will slightly differ from what we see in this sketch, but it won’t deter too far from it. Honda doesn’t say when and on which production model we’ll get to see this new interior design philosophy. But the production version of the SUV E:Prototype looks like a safe bet.