Toyota launches new GR86 ad that hints at a new GR model

Toyota has released a new ad spot titled The Focus Group.

The spot depicts a humorous take on an advertorial pitch, with the marketers demonstrating via a focus group the appeal of an ad spot wherein the Toyota GR86, alongside race modified cars, perform precision manoeuvres inside an abandoned shopping mall. But as the suits step in and ask for a more subdued approach, the focus group quickly loses interest, and the drivers, just keep being themselves.

The GR86 Focus Group ad spot is part of an installment of a series of ads that form a campaign that will reach across social media and digital video placements targeting auto enthusiasts and sports car shoppers, set to run through the months of April and May in the U.S.A.

But here’s the tastiest part of the ad spot: If you watch till the end of the video, it looks like a new GR model is being hinted at, shown in the video only as a shadowy silhouette but with a taillight pattern that looks rather similar to that of the Toyota Corolla Hatchback. Thoughts, anyone?